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shadesMichael Aloi in Concertshades


Getting Silly

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Sharing Smiles

park-with-kids-hands-up.jpg (32441 bytes)
Doin "The Erkle" in the Park

cc-full-stage-view.jpg (44141 bytes)
At the County Center

cc-with-ball.jpg (22696 bytes)
Havin "A Ball"

christmas-show.jpg (12256 bytes)
Christmas Show on "News 12" Westchester

classroom.jpg (35912 bytes)
Classroom Concert

county-center-onstage-arms-.jpg (8079 bytes)
Stage Production

good-day-with-julie.jpg (28094 bytes)
On Good Day NY Fox 5 TV

sandy-on-good-day.jpg (16209 bytes)
Sandy Shark  on TV

park-concert-from-back.jpg (53244 bytes)
Record Crowds 

cover-of-weekend.jpg (221753 bytes)
Cover Gannett Newspapers Weekend Guide

westlake-erkle.jpg (30296 bytes)
School Benefit Concert

westlake-full-stage-view.jpg (26054 bytes)
Full Production School Concert

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